Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

One day early. I'm posting my weigh in results today instead of tomorrow because it's the first of the month. I log all of my statistics on the first and I thought it would be silly to do it all today and then officially weigh in again tomorrow. So, here we go.

  • Starting Weight: 225.2/220.4
  • Height: 5'5"/5'5"
  • Starting BMI: 37.5 (Obese)/36.7 (Obese)
  • Bust measurement: 48"/47"
  • Waist measurement: 48"/45.5"
  • Hips measurement: 51.5"/49.5"
  • Biceps measurement: 12.5"/12.5"
  • Thighs measurement: 23.5"/23"
  • Body Fat Percentage: 53%/51.4%


Today's weigh in result was 220.4 lbs. That's a 2 lb. loss from last week. And a 4.8 lb loss total. Things are moving people. Things are moving.

Now, let's talk about inches, shall we? 1" off my Bust, 2.5" off my Waist, 2" off my Hips, and .5" off my Thighs!!! Holy Hell people!! That's a total of 6" off of my body!!!

My body fat percentage has gone down 1.6% and my BMI dropped .8 points. In ONE MONTH!!

I have been able to feel my body changing and these numbers just confirm it.

It's the exercise. These numbers would look drastically different if I hadn't gotten off my ass and started moving.

So, I've been thinking about an exercise challenge. Anyone care to join? It's not a competition and there will be no winners. Just set your goal and blog about it. Add your link to the linky list. We'll all support one another. This challenge will run the entire month of August. I'll blog about it each Sunday and have a linky list for you to update all of us in how you are doing. Let's do this peeps!! (I'll do a seperate blog post about this and add my link in, too) Here we go!!!!!

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