Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Couch to 5K

Well, I'm a runner. Sort of. Week 1 Day 1 and Week 1 Day 2 are in the books. Day 1 I totally kicked ass. The runs were sweet and they got faster and faster (I was on a treadmill). I felt great afterwards and did some strength training.

Today was Day 2 and my legs were still a little sluggish from yesterday's weights, but we're heading out of town on Friday and I want to make sure I squeeze all three days in before we leave. My stomach was unsettled as I was heading into the gym (I almost didn't even go), but I drank bucketloads of water and just hopped on the treadmill and thought "I'll just walk...." Well, after my 5 minute warm up I was feeling good so I went ahead and pounded out the full workout. It was rough in spots, but it felt good. Tomorrow is a complete rest day.

Some people have asked how they can do the C25K program without an iPhone (or without staring at their watches). My suggestion would be to either run on a treadmill (if one is available) because the time is right there in front of you and you can time yourself that way. Or, get a sports watch from Walmart (I think mine was around $30 ~ its the Timex Women's Ironman Triathlon). You can set the timer to beep at different intervals. When your watch beeps run, when it beeps again, walk, etc....

My husband began running before the days of iPhones and fancy apps and the such. He ran on the road and ran telephone poles. He ran from one pole to the next, then walked the next two, and then ran to the next, and so on. The point is to just get yourself moving. Run for a little while, walk for a little while.

And believe me when I say ~ if I can do it, so can YOU!!!

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