Sunday, August 8, 2010

August Exercise Party Goals ~ Week 2

I set some pretty lofty goals last week. I met them, with a total of 5,363 exercise calories burned last week.
  • Sunday: 0
  • Monday: 467
  • Tuesday: 1738
  • Wednesday: 783
  • Thursday: 886
  • Friday: 639
  • Saturday: 850

I wanted to clarify that these calories are all exercise calories burned. This does not include the calories burned in my regular day to day life. I do not have a body bug, so I cannot track each and every calorie burned all day. I use Livestrong's The Daily Plate to track approximately how many calories I burn doing various exercises.

It was a lofty goal, but I reached it. I'm not sure I'll be as successful this week as we are going camping this weekend. We'll leave Friday & return Monday (so this post will be a little late next week). I'll be doing my first ever open water swim (we're going to be camping on a lake) and I'm sure there will be lots of walking & hiking and maybe even a run or two squeezed in. I'll track my calories as best as possible.


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