Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Camping Recap ~ Take One

~*~WARNING!! Picture heavy post!!~*~
We had so much fun on our camping trip! We woke up bright and early Friday morning, packed up the truck, pulled the kids from their slumber and headed out on our way. It took us approximately 6-7 hours to get there (including a ferry ride and stopping for lunch). About 4 hours into the ride I realized we had left half of the fruit in the fridge and I was in charge of the fruit salad for the group dinner on Saturday. Whoops! Thankfully Eastern Washington has fruits stands about every half mile or so.
The rest of our group arrived at the camp site about an hour after we did and we all headed down to the beach. It was ssssoooo hot, but if you sat in the shade the temps dropped about 30 degrees. It was heaven. I will let my pictures tell the tale:

There really weren't many bugs there except dragon flies, but at night these GINORMOUS beetles came out. You could hear them fly and when the landed it sounded like someone thumped on the gravel. That sucker is about three inches long. YUCK!!

I should never be left alone in front of a mirror with a camera after consuming 4+ beers. Just sayin'

Aaahh, the lake. There are my boys, commiserating about how lake swimming is so much different than the pool.

I promise you my boy is not drowning here. I think he was showing off his free style stroke. I'm not sure.

The scenery was breath taking.

The "tickle monster" made an appearance or two.
And it's just not a camping trip without checking email around a camp fire!!

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