Saturday, July 31, 2010

Holy Hell, it's WORKING!!

This is totally me. Well, I don't have long brown hair. And I'm heavier than this woman. And I wear capris when I work out. I'm pretty sure I don't keep a goofy ass grin on my face while I'm pedaling away (at least I hope not), but other than that ~ it's totally me. Ok, so I use a recombent bike at the gym and I have a pink water bottle. I guess the similarities end there. Oh well, I tried.
So, about a week and a half ago I started doing the "interval" workout on the bike. I love it when work out machines have computers that make them smarter than I am. It works nicely in my world.
Anyway, so I've been doing 30 minute interval workouts with Levels 1/2. I told myself that getting to 5 miles during my 30 minute workouts is a good goal for me to start with. I've made 5 miles every time and I was happy.
Tonight I didn't get to the gym until 30 minutes before it closed. I wanted to make the most of my workout so I set the intervals at Levels 1/4. I knew Level 4 would be tough, but I knew I could manage it. I had made a new workout playlist on my ipod this afternoon and I knew it would keep me motivated.
Little known fact ~ 30 minutes before closing time at the gym you get all of the TV's to yourself!! I got to watch whatever I wanted. About 10 minutes into my workout I found one of my favorite all time movies on Comedy Central. Hell YEA!!!
So I cranked up the ipod, flipped on my favorite movie and off I went. I was shocked when my workout was over. It seemed to fly by. I was scanning through the stats on the computer and damn near fell off the bike when I got to mileage. I went 6.12 miles tonight!!! Not only did I up the resistance level, but I beat my goal by over a mile!!!
Holy Hellz people, this workout shit really works!!!!

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