Sunday, July 11, 2010

It Ain't Gonna Be Pretty....

Tomorrow's weigh in may not be pretty; I'm prepared for that. I've made some poor choices this weekend ~ all related to emotional eating. This is a habit I'm working on breaking. One of my closest friends moved this weekend and within an hour of saying goodbye I found myself in the grocery store. I was there because I needed to pick up one item but I found myself mindlessly grabbing food and putting it in my cart. I put most of it back, but I did bring home a bowl of homemade (store made) cheddar broccoli soup & a serving of teriyaki chicken (also store made). It wasn't processed crap, so that's good. But it wasn't exactly what I wanted, either. I've still stayed within my calorie goals everyday except one. We had dinner at my friend's house as one last night the families could get together and let's just say I drank more calories than I should have. Ahem.....

If that were the only issues this week, I wouldn't be so sure that tomorrow could get ugly. I haven't been to the gym once. Why? Because I completely fucked up the checkbook. Because we had a banking malfunction last week. It, of course, happened over the holiday weekend, so I could not high tail my behind into the bank and get it straightened out. My trial membership had expired and I didn't have the funds to buy the membership until I could move my money from one account to the other. We'll put this one in the "WHOOPS" category.

I'll be at the gym first thing in the morning, but it'll be after I weigh myself. It's the ups and downs that make this journey exciting and I will not be defeated by life's cirucumstances.

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