Saturday, July 17, 2010

Better This Time....

So, I survived the 90 minute step class. It really wasn't all that bad. There were a few other "first timers" in the class so she took easy on us a little bit. After the class I did about 20 minutes on the bike to get a little extra cardio. According to Livestrong I burned 2084 calories. Holy Shit!! I was not about to repeat this day, so I came at it with a plan. Before I worked out I had a Protein Shake & a banana. On the way home from the gym I had another Protein Shake and when I got home I drank a smoothie. I had made BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches for dinner earlier this week so I had some leftovers and then took my shower. I had enough carbs & enough quality protein in my belly that I was feeling so much better. Throughout the day I had another Protein Shake and for dinner I fixed grilled chicken with roasted asparagus and fingerling potatoes. After dinner we went to DQ for a treat and then walked along the beach with the boys while they dug for crabs and skipped rocks. It was a lovely way to end the day and not once did start to feel the discomfort of being overly hungry. I ended the day with still over 1200 available calories remaining. It was a great day.
We have a day in the city planned today and we'll meet up with my inlaws for dinner. We're going out for Mexican and I plan to have a handful of tortilla chips & Chicken Tortilla Soup. I'm packing a salad to eat on the Ferry for lunch. I'm not working out today; my body needs a rest. I have a food plan and sticking with it will keep me comfortably within my calorie count ~ even without the extras that I usually earn at the gym.
Have a good one, folks!

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