Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why it's different this year.....

In past years when I've been on a "diet" I would stress out about any upcoming parties for weeks. I would hoard points, try to hide calories, sabotage myself intentionally or franky, usually just give up and call that day a write off.

It's one reason why I've sworn off diets forever. That simply isn't a healthy way to think about food and social gatherings. I wanted to enjoy myself and I thought enjoying myself meant gorging. It doesn't.

Today I'm co-hosting a going away party for one of my dearest friends. We live in WA state and due to a job change she and her family are moving clear across the country to Pennsylvania. (the nerve of some people, right?!) There is going to be all kinds of food ~ most of it not clean, whole foods and you know what? I'm not stressed about it. I've looked up mostly everything I can think of on Livestrong and I have an index card with all of the calories written down on it. I don't want to feel like shit tomorrow, so I know I'll stay closer to the fruits and veggies than I will the chips & dip, but even if I do wander down to that side of the table it is not the end of my story.

In the past I used to try to manipulate my calories, points, fat grams, that I could still "enjoy" all of the bad foods but not wreck my diet. This time there are no bad foods. This time it's about choosing to feel good. It's about spending time with friends and enjoying a day outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (as long as it doesn't rain *sigh*)

This time it's going to work!

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