Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trudging along....

Gosh, the holidays are over but my life just won't seem to slow down. Who pushed the fast forward button? Can you please UNpush it? Thankyouverymuch!!

I'm hosting a friend's 40th birthday celebration tomorrow and then, THEN, hopefully things will settle down. I'm not sure they'll SLOW down, but at least it will be my normal life stuff. Nothing extra. Oh wait, hubby's birthday is next week. Ok, maybe THEN....*sigh*

The candy is gone, the cheesecake has been pitched, the pies were given away and the only sugar really left in the house was a little bit of ice cream. I took care of that last night while watching the Biggest Loser. As much as the (staged) drama of that show kills me, it really does seem to light a fire under my ass.

I was completely unprepared for how much this stupid injury would derail me. I thought I was good. I thought I had things under control. I thought I knew what I was doing. I thought WRONG. It's humbling to be sidelined and forced to take a look within and see what's really going on. I feel like shit. Both physically and mentally. I'm beaten and broken. But I'm clawing my way back....I am.

For one, our insurance coverage changed on Jan 1 and my physical therapy just got a whole lot more expensive. I have no choice but to get better ~ NOW. My foot has actually been feeling a lot better and working out is helping now rather than hurting. So I know I'm close.

I already have to readjust my race goals for this year. You know that totally pisses me off, right? I'm giving up on January. The absolute earliest I'd be comfortable running a 5K would be the last weekend of the month ~ and that's pushing it. I can't get injured again. Boy 1 has a swim meet that weekend and I can't seem to find a local 5K anyway. So, maybe I'll do two in Feb. We'll see.

I am firming up plans for a 10K in March, though. Kristen D are you reading this???? It's in the Tri Cities! Jason's already talked to the inlaws and they are all prepared to have us as overnight guests that weekend. It's a St. Patty's Day run. I just can't remember the exact date.....are you up for it Kristen??? Let me know.

It's time to get over myself. It's time to get serious again.


  1. Im with ya!
    Totally agree - Biggest Loser, despite the staged drama, does motivate.
    Its really frustrating when an injury comes along, but you are almost out of it! And GOOD for U that you keep on exercising. And keep the sweets outta the house! I think mine are gone (well, almost)..


  2. Leprechaun Dash! I am there but 10k! Super flat and along the river. I actually have to sign up kids for the kids dash at our school. The local school with the most kids registered gets $$$ for PE equipment. Come for dinner or lunch!