Thursday, January 13, 2011

It has to stop

I'm in a downward spiral and it. has. to. stop. I'm tired and cranky and lethargic and I feel like shit. All the time. I was awake for two hours last night because my stomach was so sour and nauseous that it woke me up. It. woke. me. up.

How nasty and gross is that? I'm nibbling all day, I'm eating junk and I'm not working out. Does this sound like a person who is planning on completing her first half marathon and her first triathlon this year? No, it doesn't.

I have got to get myself back under control. I'm sick and tired and feeling sick and tired. I will be at the gym tomorrow. I will be at the gym on Saturday. I have no other choice. I've experienced that runner's high. I rode those post exercise endorphins all of the through the day. I've seen the energy I have when I eat right and work out. Maybe if I hadn't already started, I wouldn't feel like such crap now. You can't miss what you don't know is there, right?

I know what I'm missing and I'm tired of it.

I have no idea what I weigh. I'm all over the map. I'm going to weigh myself on Monday and go from there. Wish me luck.


  1. Girlfriend , I'm not going as strong as I would like either. We can do this, YOU can do this.