Friday, January 14, 2011


I have a running partner. Well, not really. I have a training partner. A virtual one.

A few years ago I made a friend. We each had two boys approximately the same ages and we both loved to sew and quilt. She also is a triathlete and a runner. It didn't take long for her to get me addicted and just as soon as she did she MOVED. The nerve, right????

I KNOW! So, we've both been nursing injuries off and on for the last several months, but now we're both ready to get back at it. The only problem is that she lives in Pittsburgh now. Bleh.

Anyway, we both have our sights set on races on March 12. Her's is a 5 mile and mine is either a 5K or a 10K. So we're going to be virtual training partners.

We both have hectic lives and the word "routine" hasn't made it into either of our vocabularies. Our training schedules will differ from week to week so each week we plan to email one another our schedule and hold each other accountable.

Oh yea, she has a blog but hasn't updated it in over a year. I'm trying to convince her to get it going me out, will ya?

Karen, meet the internets. Internets, meet Karen :)

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  1. You absolutely crack me up. I am pleased to meet the Internets. As soon as I get back home and get our routines organized, I will update the blog. And BTW, it hasn't quite been a full year.