Wednesday, January 12, 2011


There are particular milestones that everyone celebrates ~ losing 10 lbs. Getting under 300, getting under 200, etc..., being able to shop in the regular stores as opposed to the Plus sized stores, buying bras at Victoria Secret, and so on and so on.

While I think those are fabulous goals to look forward to, I also have a list of my own milestones that I'm looking forward to crossing off:
  • 227 lbs ~ the higest weight I ever saw stare at me from the scale.
  • 225 lbs ~ what I weighed when I gave birth (both times)
  • 196 lbs ~ what I weighed when I met my husband
  • 190 lbs ~ what I weighed after giving birth (both times)
  • 175 lbs ~ the smallest weight my husband has ever seen me
  • 145 lbs ~ what I weighed when I graduated highschool

What are you personal milestones?

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