Saturday, January 1, 2011

Operation Detox....

Well, my operation detox started off ok today ~ but then I let myself get too hungry before lunch and it was all downhill. I immediately went for the candy bowl and my hand has been in there ever since.

My weight is all over the place. Yesterday it was 214ish and today it was up to 218ish. NO, I do not believe I gained 4lbs of fat in 24 hours. It's inflammation.

It's true that I've been extremely busy these last few weeks, but I've also let my eating get out of control. I kept telling myself it wasn't that bad, but I knew better. It's the main reason I've been so quiet around here.

I thought if I just ignored it and didn't admit to it here then it wouldn't be true. How very mature of me, no?

Anyway, those days are over. Complete transparency. It starts NOW.

Having said that ~ I have no idea what's for dinner tonight. The cupboards are pretty bare.... Hhhmm..... time to get creative!


  1. That book you sent me is awesome for getting creative. I have pulled many a last minute meal from it and the best part is, it's a healthy meal. Still struggling with the kids , but I decided that if they dont' want to eat what I cook they can go to bed hungry.

    I really need to do a cleans. I a haven't' been eating nearly enough fresh produce and it's making me feel sluggish.

  2. THat happens to me everytime I detox. IT's hard!

  3. So what did you end up making for dinner?

    Im totally with you on the candy! Come to think of it... doesnt it taste SO much better when you're really *not* supposed to have it (like, say, when you're detoxing!?)

    Thanks for being honest and transparent. Love your blog ;)


  4. It's totally not possible to gain 4 pounds in one day! Phew, thank gosh :)