Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I showed up to my physical therapy appt today and told them that I needed to wrap this shindig up. Our insurance coverage changed as of Jan 1 and it suddenly got a hell of a lot more expensive for me to hang out with them. They're nice guys and all, but I'd rather save that money for race fees, ya know?

I told them that my family wasn't going to miss any meals and I didn't want to bail out on them prematurely but that I truly felt that I could do all of my therapy either at home or the gym and that I was getting antsy to simply get on with my life.

I expected them to suggest we pare down to one visit a week and see how I feel. They simply told me, I was right and that I could go home and just let them know in a few weeks how I was feeling. What? Really? Sa-wheet!

So, I suddenly had a child free afternoon and no plans. What would you do? I went to the local running store, of course. I've mentioned before about shoes, and how I wanted a pair of Vibrams, but I'm still in a fair amount of pain on the bottom of my heel. There's a decent chance that I've got a nice hefty bruise deep in my heel pads and possibly into my bone. I need some cushioning under there until that heals, but I'm still skeptical of those ultra fancy shoes that do everything for you but clip your toenails.

Enter these:

The Brooks Green Silence. It's their version of a minimalist shoe. Similar to the Nike Frees. I didn't care for the Nikes, but these felt amazing when I tried them on. I didn't buy them, but I'm thinking I should have. I won't be running right away anyhow, but when I do I'm pretty sure I'll be sportin' these bad boys. I just wish they weren't so damn ugly!

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