Monday, September 13, 2010

I am runner, hear me ROAR!!

Oh yea baby. I rocked it! Week Five? It's done. I killed it. SUCK ON THAT Week Five!! WooHoo!!!

I ran 20 minutes straight tonight! Didn't stop to walk, didn't cry, didn't do anything but just kept running. I've never done that in my life. Even when I was in college playing volleyball, I'm not sure I ever made it 20 minutes without stopping to walk. Maybe I did, but I'm sticking with probably not.

Last week I did Week 5, Day 2 and instead of going straight on to Day 3 (the 20 minute run), I chucked the C25K program for a bit and went the full 5K distance in anticipation of my race this weekend (you know, the one I didn't actually run?).

It took me 46 minutes and some change to do the full 5K. Afterwards I cried. I thought it was because I was frustrated because I had so badly wanted to do a sub 45 min 5K, but in all honesty I wasn't that disappointed. I think, honestly, I cried because I had pushed myself so hard that crying was the only left that my body could do.

It felt good. But you know what ~ tonight felt even BETTER! BooYa, baby! I'm a runner! Hear me ROAR!!!

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