Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blogging Break

I didn't post yesterday's weigh in because, well, it just wasn't worth talking about. All this week my weight has been up and down. I'm hovering right around 216.5 or so. It's been as high as 217 and as low as 215.8.

I was going to say I'm considering this a plautea, but it's not. It's me being lazy. I haven't counted calories, I've hardly worked out (although that's a function of my schedule, not laziness). I'm just not working as hard at this as I was in the beginning.

My mom is in town this week and while I know there will be temptations all around me (out to dinner, birthday cake, alcohol, etc...) I will make the best choices that I can.

I'm still running and completed Week 6 Day 2 yesterday. From here on out on the program there are no more walking breaks. I have three 25 minute runs, then three 28 minute runs and then the full 30 minute runs.

The Hubs and I are doing a 5K this weekend. I can't wait to tell you all about it!

So, while the blog may be quiet while I'm hanging out with my mom, know that I am still on track and I'll be back sometime next week!

Enjoy, peeps!!

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  1. Im so amazed at you for your progress with the C25K thing. You are my hero. I'm just to freakin lazy to do it