Sunday, September 12, 2010

Calories In/Calories Out

Weightloss is simple, right? Calories In/Calories Out. Pure science. It doens't get much simplier. Where it starts to get complicated is when we bring health into the equation. Weightloss and Health are NOT the same thing.

I remember serveral years ago I was watching Dr. Phil (don't judge me, I was a new mom and bored). It was right when he started that Weightloss Challenge that he did a while back. I remember he was discussing the proper foods to have in the house and how to stock your pantry & fridge. He was using his kitchen as an example and said that he and Robin stocked healthy, low fat, yada, yada, yada....all throughout the kitchen. He then went on to say that one cabinet is stocked with chips, crackers and some other snacks for his son (whichever one was still living with him). He mentioned that teenaged boys have a higher caloric need than the average adult.

I agree, I've seen teenaged boys eat. I'm still not sure how I'm going to feed my boys when they get to that age. One of them is already starting....

A few months ago I stopped at the local bakery with my older son to treat ourselves to a doughnut. I remember thinking to myself that "it's a good thing I'm heading to the pool today since I'm having this doughnut right now." I also remember it was one of the worst swims I've ever had.

Calories In/Calories Out. I'm pretty sure I burned off the calories from that doughnut. Plus some. But, can fried white flour really be enough to fuel a workout? I doubt it.

Calories = Fuel. If we use junk fuel, our bodies will not run at optimal performance.

I got to thinking about the Dr. Phil show again. It doesn't matter whether or not his son can metabolize the calories in those additional foods. Even the lankiest, most zit faced, highest metabolism teenager can't turn junk food into proper nutrition.

Our bodies need the vitamins and minerals found in whole, clean foods. Sure, I could probably lose weight with Lean Cuisines, Crystal Light, & low fat ice cream. But I'm pretty sure I'd feel like shit all of the time and I wouldn't have the energy to work out.

Instead, I chose to drink a green smoothie and eat a banana before my workouts. I drink a protein shake after each workout and I try to eat a high raw, mostly whole foods diet the rest of the time. I still make room for the occasional doughnut, but I then try to make sure the rest of the day is full of proper nutrition to help my body deal with that doughnut (or chips, or ice cream, or whatever it was).

I'm not only on a journey to lose weight, but to find health, too. It's taken me a long time to realize they are two completely different concepts.

Having said all of this ~ I'm pretty sure I know why I have zero motivation this morning and feel like crap.

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