Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Holy Crap!

Have you met Sean Anderson, yet? I must have been living under a rock for the last few years because I had not heard of this man at all. I was screwing around on the internet the other night and I literally just stumbled onto his blog (can't even remember how I got there). He's lost over 250 lbs. The old fashioned way. He is such an inspiration and so down to earth. I've only just begun to scratch the surface on this blog, but I can wait to devour every word he's written. Seriously, if you haven't read his blog yet, go do it. Now. Right NOW.

And do you want to know the absolutely coolest thing about Sean? He linked to ME on his blog!! I know, right?! Little old me ~ all linked up on the weightloss king's blog. Holy Crap!!

So anyway, Thank You, Sean. I am honored. It is my dream to enjoy the kind of success you have had and I know that with the right attitude and determination, I'll get there.

And to those that have found their way here via Sean's link ~ welcome. I hope you chose to stick around a bit, read some of my archives and be a cheerleader for me! I could use as many of those as I can get!! Please leave a comment and introduce yourself!


  1. Way to go, Jessica! I'm pretty new to reading blogs. I came across Sean's on AOL and ended up finding all these people who know exactly how I feel. I am always impressed by their honesty and willingness to share. Sean inspired me to get started and I was doing so well...until my vacation. I haven't made the commitment to begin yet again. My son asked me why I continue to read these blogs when I don't follow anyone's advice. I am hopeful that one day I will.

  2. You're too kind my friend, thank you!

    And seriously, thank you for reading---and thank you for writing yours...this is it, this is your time!!!

    My best always,

  3. Found you through Sean's blog. Welcome to the blogoshphere. You have come to a wonderful place with lots of kind and caring people. Best of luck to you on your journey and I am looking forward to reading more about you. TTFN!