Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Out of Commission

Remember when I posted that I did the Thanksgiving step class? Well, what I didn't mention was that I fell in class. It wasnt' a big deal. I missed the step and then fell on my ass in total slow motion. I hopped right back up and finished out the class. No harm, no foul. Or so I thought.

My foot has been a little tender this week, but with the issues I've had, it seems it's always a little tender from time to time. I kept up with my workouts and didn't give it much thought.

I signed up for a challenge on The Daily Mile that I would run 50 miles in Dec, so after my strength class today I headed down to the treadmill to run for a bit. I lasted one mile.

My foot has been throbbing ever since. At first I thought it was plantar faciitis, but I've dealt wiht that enough to recognize that this is something more. It hurts all. the. time. Enough to almost make me cry. I've had to hobble around the house all afternoon. I can't walk.

My toes are a little numb and I can feel some numbness and burning up the back of my calf. I really really hope that I didn't do anything serious.

I'm so bummed out, but I have to listen to my body and take it easy over the next little bit. I'm hoping with some rest and ice this will heal itself quickly.

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  1. Oh no, sounds like you better go to the doctor and get it checked out to be sure. :( Hope it's ok!