Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cue the Violins....

So, I went back to the doctor today and came home with one of these (google images photo because I'm simply too lazy right now to take a pic of my own foot).
My official diagnosis is Achilles Tendonits. Joy.
It's completely f*cking with my brain and that has me really really frustrated. I've pretty much thrown everything I've worked for out the window. Ice cream? Sure, I'll have a bowl. Go ahead, throw another scoop on it. Pizza? Why not, extra cheese, please. Oh what the hell, I'd love another piece of garlic bread, thanks!
I'm up about 2.5 lbs (ish) since my last official weigh in and I'm pissed, but I feel like what's the use? I know that's not what I feel and believe in my heart but right now I'm just so pissed.
God only knows when I'm going to be allowed to work out again. I go see the PT on Thurs and I guess I'll know more then, but for now I'm just going to sit here and feel sorry for myself. It's totally foreign to me ~ feeling like this. Usually I'm a "glass is half full, so let's take what we've got and make a plan to work around it" kind of gal. Not this time, though. I feel totally defeated. I know I'll snap out of it, but right now I'm just not sure what to do with myself......blah.

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  1. That really sucks. I know how difficult an injury can be. Last year, when I sprained my ankle, it was actually so bad I couldn't work out at all for six months. I also threw my healthy eating goals out the window. Right now, it isn't too late to reevaluate your goals. Just because you can't work out doesn't mean you still can't lose weight, or at least maintain it. Maybe you could do some work with weights?