Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So it's time for my statistics. I'm also doing another midweek weigh in now that I've kicked TOM to the curb. So, are you ready? I'm officially changing my last declaration and stating, that YES, in fact, I HAVE lost weight during the week of Thanksgiving! WooHoo!

My weight in this morning was 212.0 That's a .6 lb loss since last Wed. I'll take it!!

Now, on to the statistics :)

  • Starting Weight: 225.2/212.0
  • Height: 5'5"/5'5"
  • Starting BMI: 37.5 (Obese)/35.3
  • Bust measurement: 48"/47"
  • Waist measurement: 48"/40"
  • Hips measurement: 51.5"/47.5"
  • Biceps measurement: 12.5"/12"
  • Thighs measurement: 23.5"/22.5"
  • Body Fat Percentage: 53%/48.8%

That's a total of 14.5 inches lost. 14. 5 inches of me that no longer exist!! Check out my waist and hips! WooHoo!


  1. Keep rockin it girl. Well be skinny bitches in bikinis in no time. Your waist is really shrinking.

  2. My hips just won't shrink- what's your secret?

    Great job on the .6 on the Holiday week!