Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to my bloggy friends!
I have to admit, 2010 was a challenge for me. The latter part of 2009 and into the beginnings of 2010 I honestly felt like my life was spinning out of control. I was obese. In more ways than one. My house was full of clutter; I was drowning in it. My body was full of fat and my mind was full of jumbled, nonsensical thoughts.
I started to take an interest in my health and began making small changes a little bit at a time. I started with green smoothies. I was astounded by the changes I noticed and began looking for other changes to make. I then switched my family to raw milk and grassfed beef. I started to cut way back on processed foods, I removed almost all traces of HFCS from our house and then, THEN, I cut out sodas and artificial sweeteners. I started drinking water exlusively and in July I made the biggest change of all: I joined a gym.
Around that same time I started this blog and I have been positively blown away by the support and friendships I've found out here in bloggy world.
I am ending 2010 more than 10 lbs lighter than I started it. The highest weight I saw this year staring back at me from the scale was 227 and some change and although I haven't done an official weigh in for a few weeks, I'm holding steady right at 214.something.
I've dealt with injuries this year, come back and run 5Ks. I've been tossed back onto the injured list, but I'm not losing sight of my goals. I have many and I'm only just getting started.
I don't do resolutions, I make goals and boy do I have big ones for 2011. Bring it on!!

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