Monday, December 20, 2010

Bullet Points

...are pretty much all I have time for today.

  • Been to the physical therapist ~ foot is messed up, but should be an easy fix
  • haven't been to the gym in three weeks ~ getting crabby
  • got the go ahead to go to said gym ~ haven't found made the time
  • house is finally getting purged and clean
  • current weight is 215.2 lbs. Exactly 10 lbs gone. I have no intention of gaining any more than this.
  • "to do" list is getting longer. Days on calendar are getting shorter. Giving me a tight feeling in my chest!!

Merry Christmas peeps!! I promise, back to more regular posting after the first of the year!!


  1. I haven't been doing so hot on the workout front either. Im going to do that best that I can with limited time I have this week. Once things are quite again after the new year I will get serious again. I hope your foot gets better fast, sorry your gettng crabby.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Have a great holiday and try to relax a little! :)