Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Well, it's the moment of truth. How did you do over the holiday weekend? I didn't do too bad as far as calories go ~ I only went over twice. Friday I went over majorly. I figured out the calories in my homemade stuffing only after having eaten a metric ton of it. Not a good idea. The, stuffing was made with cheap white bread, so you can imagine the cravings that triggered! I couldn't say no to the apple pie so I had a second slice again on Friday. However, on Saturday morning, in a moment of strength I pour some soured milk all over the pie and mangled it and then trew it in the trash. Thank God for small victories, right?

Then, as if Friday weren't bad enough TOM decided to stop by for a visit on Saturday. Lovely. I did ok with calories on Saturday, but I can't say I made the most nutritous choices. Then on Sunday I went over my calories by 59 and we had pizza for dinner.

So, all of this probably explains my weigh in results. Unfortunately this is not the year that I get to say I lost weight over Thanksgiving. However, I like to look at the big picture and I will not be a statistic this year. I will keep going and I will take off this weight ~ all of it. A little at a time.

Here we go: Today's weigh in results were 214.4. That's a total of 1.8 lbs gain from Wednesday and a gain of 1.2 from my last official weigh in.

I will be taking my measurements on Wed and I'll probably post my weight again. Hopefully TOM will decide to take a hike early and I'll be back on track so I can trust it'll be more of a true respresentation of what my weight really is.

Peace Out, peeps. I'm headed to the gym!


  1. Really thats not bad for the holiday. I am still trying to figure out why my scale said I gained 8 lbs since Wednesday. I doubt that is even possible..I hope!!!!

    Love how you poured the milk on the pie!!


  2. I love your attitude...keep pushing forward! You so have this. I also have to thank you again for the green smoothie advice. They are changing my life!! They are seriously a large part of the reason that I am finally losing weight. I'm a total convert!!