Friday, December 9, 2011

A weigh a day - Day 9

Today was 219.6 - took my body a bit to get going, but we seem to be moving in the right direction now!

And now that boy 1's lungs are playing nice again, we can start going to the gym and getting our sweat on!


  1. Sunday 11-12-11: weight 66.2Kg ˄ (was 70Kg in Oct)
    Ph. 6.4 (s/b 7.4) – Yip, I definitely snack too many nuts in the evenings.
    Walk later: Postponed for skype chat with son & partner in The Netherlands

  2. Monday 12-12-11: weight 66.1Kg ˅ (was 70Kg in Oct)
    Ph. 6.4 (s/b 7.4) – OK Ph. is level but still too low. Will increase bicarb to ½ tsp x 2 per day.
    Have also started taking probiotic powder – starting at one eighth tsp x 2 per day.
    Walk: 1.69Km (1.05 miles) Even walking at 6.30a.m. we didn’t avoid the rain. Had to wash a dirty grumpy Obi Wan when we got home !!!

  3. Hope everything is OK Jessica?
    Tuesday 13-12-11: weight 65.7 ˅ (was 70Kg in Oct) Hallelujah, below 66K at last
    Ph. 7.4 ˄ (s/b 7.2) – Wow, increased bicarbonate of soda is working – great! Watched some YouTube clips and according to Dr Robert Young urine ph. s/b 7.2 but blood ph. s/b 7.4.
    No walk today; went shopping.

  4. Hi Jessica, obviously children and events have taken priority in your life at present. Don't put pressure on yourself with this blog if it is not working for you right now. I wish you and your family well, but shall continue my daily weigh-in with some comments on my own blog site. May love and blessings fill your life.