Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Weigh a Day ~ Day 3

Look at me...blogging from my new MacBook. SahWheet!!!

Today 221.6

I'm sensing a pattern. My eating has been ok, I just haven't been moving & sweating as much as I'd like at all. Bah Humbug. We're getting into the Christmas Spirit around here, but with that comes lots of business and the gym always seems to be the first to go when the busies come a callin'.


  1. Sunday 4.12.11
    My DH also has Mac comp. and notebook - he just raves about them.
    66.4K gone up (146lbs)
    Ph 6.2 – unchanged but still not good
    No walk this morning, tis pouring down. Took Noah’s ark to go shopping instead
    Was surprised weight gain wasn’t worse, but last night’s prawn risotto was delicious and I consumed far too much. Also tried organic chilli chocolate yesterday for the first time … twas OK,will try some other flavour next time.
    By the way Jessica, horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow - ;-) I haven't glowed for a couple of years apart from in a bubble bath!

  2. Monday 5-12-11: Weight 66.2K ˅
    was 70K in Oct) goal 56K
    Ph. 6.2 ˅ (s/b 7.4)
    Walk 2.9K cool but refreshing (struggled up the inclines)