Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A weigh a day - 6 & 7

A weighed yesterday and thought all day about a really cool post I wanted to write and boom - before I knew it the day was gone and I plum forgot!!

Today I remembered but have hardly had time to breathe all day. This the season!

Day 6 - 222.4
Day 7 - 222.4

I'm nothing of not consistent. I have a kick ass post written in my head. Won't have time to write it tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed for Friday!!

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  1. Friday 9-12-11: weight 66.5Kg ˅ (goal 56Kg – was 70Kg in Oct)
    Ph. 7.2 ˄ (s/b 7.4) much much better thanks to bicarbonate of soda
    Walk 3.56K (2.21 miles) Was so good to walk on this lovely sunny day – even grumpy Obi Wan was prancing around to get out of the door. Kiama is awash with purple and white agapanthus.