Thursday, December 8, 2011

A weigh a day ~ Day 8

Day 8 ~ 221.0 Well, we're going in the right direction. I woke up hungry this morning and I always know when that happens, I've usually dropped some weight. The hubs and I went out to dinner tonight after finishing up our Christmas shopping to celebrate our anniversary (Saturday, but he'll be gone) and I have to admit, I indulged. Over indulged. It didn't even taste that good. Blah.

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  1. Happy anniversary Jessica.

    Saturday 10-12-11: weight 66.1Kg ˅ (goal 56Kg)
    Ph. 6.4 ˅ (s/b 7.4) – going to start a food diary to help me. I snack too much in the evenings.
    Walk: 2.3K (1.4m) Kendalls Beach and home before the rain.