Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who Knew?

I figure that with one more class like today's and my abs will look like this. What? Shut up. It's my fantasy and believe me, after today I earned this delusion.

Who knew these innocent looking things could cause such pain? Feel the burn, baby. Feel that burn! And it wasn't just the abs. My legs, my shoulders, my arms, my hurts. Oh it hurts so good.

I went out and bought myself a stability ball last night. I accidently bought a weighted one. OUCH. It made all of the exercises that much harder. When your brand spankin' new at this type of exercise harder is not your friend. I'll be returning the ball and going with a standard one, thankyouverymuch.

My original training plan had me strength training in addition to the class today. Um, yea. That didn't happen. The class was a lot more intense than I remember and I'm also a little pressed for time today. So, I'll add the strength to tomorrow's workout. Because, you know, I'm nothing if not flexible. Just watch my yoga class, you'll see how flexible I am. HA!

1 comment:

  1. I did a stability ball workout last night! They really are a killer, but they're kind of fun. I like to use the ball for push ups. I can't do a real push up, but it's much easier to do the alternate version of a push up with the stability ball than it is on your knees, plus I feel like I'm working my arms more. Great job!