Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fitness Exchange?

I'm participating in a Weightloss Exchange over at Kris' blog. It's a lot of fun and I thought "hey, I want to do that, too!"

So, I'm putting feelers out ~ would anyone be interested in participaing in a Fitness Exchange? In a nutshell ~ I'd pair you off. You and your partner would take a few weeks to get to know one another & then you'll send each other a good box with some fun fitness gear in it (in the $20-$25 range).

We'd all come back here and link up so we can go oooh & aahh over each other's goodies. I'd prefer you have a blog to participate ~ so we can all see what ya get and to help your partner get to know you better.

So, what you say? Are you in? I don't need any specific details just yet. For now I'm just looking for interest. Spread the word. Twitter, FB, your blog, whatever....if I can get at least 11 people (in addition to myself) I'll host it.

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