Sunday, January 29, 2012

I've been working out....

This is not me, but it could be. My neck has been bothering me off and on for several months. I think it has to do with my pillows. I got new pillows FINALLY and it seems to be getting better, but it's still pretty stiff from time to time. I knew getting back into the gym would be the best remedy, so I did. I got back to the gym. I've been lifting weights (following Amber's lifting program she made up). I promised myself I wouldn't hold back. I would push myself to get maximum results. And I'm SORE!! OMG! Day Two kicked my ass!! Last night my back seized up and started spasming. OOPS. So maybe I pushed a little too hard! This morning the spasms seem to be over, but I'm still really sore and my neck/upper back is really really stiff. I was planning on going to yoga this afternoon, but I think I'm gonna just call today a rest day keep my fingers crossed that I can move tomorrow!
We're heading to the Great Wolf Lodge this week (reason #832 why I love home schooling ~ impromptu family get aways in the middle of the week during off peak season! Whoot!) and I don't want to be too sore to play on the water slides!!!!
I have a workout plan for while we're there.....stay tuned!


  1. This is why I'm also a massage therapist. I break people in the weight room, then fix them back up on my massage table. :)

  2. I'm sorry you're so sore! Maybe the water will relax your muscles. Do they have a hot tub?