Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Clothes Talk

(sorry for the ginormous pictures ~ on my old PC I could click on the picture and drag the corners to make the picture little smaller. This trick doesn't work on a Mac ~ does anyone know how to do this? HELP!!)

Ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about clothes! I posted the other day that I had a pair of jeans that I wanted to fit into by Spring. Then, I posted, it turns out that the jeans actually fit. Who knew???

I wasn't expecting them to fit because other clothes that used to fit nicely are fitting a little, um, off lately. I was thinking about this today and wondering how some clothes are fitting better, while others are actually getting worse. Then it hit me ~ shoulders!! The clothes that aren't fitting as well are shirts. They aren't snug, they are just fitting differently. A little less comfortable.

Because I've been lifting weights (albeit sporadically), my body is shape is changing. My legs and core are getting a little leaner (which is why the jeans fit) and my shoulders are getting toned and broader (which is why the shirts, don't).

At first I was frustrated and then I was elated! I dream of muscular, broad shoulders. If it means I have to change some of the shirts I'm able to wear, well, let's go shopping!!!

This is just further confirmation to me that the number on the scale is not what's important. Feeling good in my own skin, feeling good in my clothes & knowing I'm healthy and strong. THAT'S what's important.


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