Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weekly Weigh In

I completely forgot this post yesterday. OOPS! Anyhoo, the first weigh in for 2012 was 221.6 lbs.

I'm going to continue with my weigh ins, but I've decided to let go of some arbitrary magic number that I've built up in my head for so long. I'm going to focus on body fat %, inches & dress size.

I'm also not even going to think about my "ultimate goal" and going for one small goal at a time. Baby steps....

I have no idea, even, what a goal for inches would be....I'm that far out of the loop that I don't even know a decent waist size anymore. Pathetic, isn't it? So, my first mini goal for the year is to fit back into a pair of blue jean capri's that I bought (and wore comfortably) right around the time Ben started Kindergarten. He's in third grade.... *sigh* So, I'm digging them out of the back of my closet and hanging them in plain view.

I plan to rock those capris this Spring. Anyone else up for a "Fit into your Jeans Challenge"? If I have the nerve, I may even have the hubs take a picture of me trying to squeeze my ass into them now...maybe I'll take a pic every few weeks until they fit....?? We'll see, I'm just typing as I'm coming up with this stuff....


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