Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm back and it feels........good?

I went back to the gym yesterday and headed to the weights class (Ultimate Strength). I got there a few minutes late and all of the 5 lb plates were taken to put on my bar. I typically use 10 lb plates for my legs and back and 5 lb plates for my arms & shoulders.

Considering I hadn't been to this class since Dec, I was planning on using 5 lb plates for the whole class. No go. Today, I'm walking like that poor woman above. But it's a good thing. It reminds me that I have a lot of work ahead of me, but that's good. I'm looking forward to it.

On another note, my foot feels fantastic today. I'm not limping at all ~ but I am hobbling because my legs are jello!! I'm going to hold off on running for at least a few more days, but I did buy some running books today at Barnes & Noble. Stay tuned for some reviews on those.


  1. Jessica--Happy you're back! Congrats!!!

  2. Ouch! Last week I had sore glutes. I guess it means we did some good for ourselves:)