Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekly Weigh In...

....and some progress pictures. So, it's Monday and I haven't posted an actualy Weekly Weigh In in several weeks. *sigh*

Today's weight was 216.8. That is a 2 lb gain from my last official weigh in. For a total loss of 8.4 lbs.

I seem to keep losing and gaining the same two pounds. And now I know why. I set a goal to lose 10 lbs. I got my picture in my head, I said my affirmations. I was all set. And then I lost 10 lbs. My reality finally matched the picture in my head and my brain was happy.

Lou Tice taught me that my brain will stop when the goal is met; when reality matches the picture. In order to keep going, I must goal set through my initial goal. Breaking larger goals down into smaller, more comfortable goals is a fabulous habit, however, I must remember to sent new goals as I approach my current ones. Someone forgot to do that.....Hhhmmm....I wonder who that was? I became so focused on reaching that 10 lb milestone that I totally forgot. Next goal? 10 more lbs. 205 lbs.
Here I am in July 2010 (can't remember exact date and too lazy to look it up right now). At that time, 20 minutes on a recumbent bike was the best workout I could manage. Over three months later and here I am now:

Post workout this morning. I'm not sure there is much of a difference, as far as I can see. But I can feel a difference. This morning I spent two hours at the gym. I ran two miles on the treadmill, then went upstairs to a strength class and increased my weights this week for the first time since starting this class.
And here is my go to snack to keep with me while we're running errands.....

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  1. For some reason my boobs are feeling very small right now :O

    Girl friend I love you and I think 10 pounds lost is worth it's weight in gold! You look happy and you look like a runner... Keep running, keep feeding your soul. You are fabulous.