Thursday, October 7, 2010

What gets you motivated?

Do you have a mantra? I certain routine before each workout? A specific song that really gets you moving? When I first started the C25K program I have to admit, some of those runs were a little tough. It was weird. Everytime I wanted to give up or everytime I thought about walking, one particular song would come on my iphone. Each and every time. It started to creep me out. I even mentioned it to my husband. More than once.

I haven't heard that song in quite a long time. In fact, I even went digging through my playlist to make sure my husband hadn't deleted it (he didn't). I usually have my iphone on "shuffle" and I could always count on hearing this song at least once per run. It's really weird that it hasn't come up for the last few weeks. Hhhmm. I guess I haven't needed it?

Well, even though I'm not feeling like giving up right now, in fact I'm more motivated than ever, but I miss this song. So I thought I'd play it for you. What gets keeps you moving?

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