Saturday, October 9, 2010


On Thursday I'm gettin' on a jet plane (alone!!) and flying back to my hometown. I'm going back to watch my nephew play football. He's a senior in college and this is one of the last chances I'll get to see him play. (BTW, that cute football player at the top of the athletics page? It's him. I'm proud auntie, I am.)
So, I'll be gone for four days without my kiddos and my husband. I'll be surrounded by some of the awesomest hometown food ~ the stuff I grew up on. The stuff I have every intention of stuffing in my pie hole. The stuff I can't get out here on the West Coast.
Yes, I plan to indulge a bit while I'm back east, but I have no intention of stopping my workouts. My mom is a member of a gym and I've already made arrangements to get a two day guest pass, I was planning to run a 5K while there but the times aren't working out so instead a friend of mine from highschool and I are going to run our own unofficial 5K ~ just the two of us. I may have another running date set up and my mom and I love to go for long walks together.
Travelling used to send me into a tizzy. So much guilt about all of the food I'd eat, and how tight my pants would be when we returned. This time there will be no guilt. I'll eat what I want, I'll workout like I do here and I'll come home happy and relaxed and ready to take on the world (dramatic much?)

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