Saturday, March 12, 2011

Running, Running, Running.....

I snapped this pic the other day after a 3 mile run in the sunshine. Sunshine, gooooooood. Yesterday was my first "long" run that put me in unchartered territory. 4 miles. GULP. Guess what, I did it. Guess what else, I ran the whole four miles. Yup, didn't even walk once! Now, my slow boat pace probably would've counted as walking in some books, but I just kept shuffling along. I know my speed will increase as my mileage picks up and to be honest, I'm just not that worried about it. I RAN FOUR MILES!!!!!
So, about those goals I set a while back....600 miles in 2011. Recovering from a stubborn injury wasnt' really part of that plan, but a goal is a goal. I'm currently at 16.31 miles for the year. By the time I'm finished training for my half marathon I'll be just over 200 (at the very minimum). That gives me 7 months to run about 400 miles. In other words, almost 60 miles per month. 15 miles per week. I can do it. Especially if I add in a few other half marathons to my list. :D
Some friends of ours have registered for the Las Vegas Half Marathon. We're considering it. How AWESOME would that be? I'll keep you updated.

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