Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Walking Chemical

The other morning, before we left my inlaws house, I had the following for breakfast:

1 100% Whole Wheat English Muffin
1 slice of 2% American Cheese
1 serving of Egg Beaters, scrambled
1 serving Hormel Bacon

I washed it all down with a Diet Pepsi. I have no idea how many calories were in the meal, but some may look at that and think "Hmm, that's a fairly healthy breakfast". I beg to differ. And the stomach ache and head ache I had a few hours later confirmed to me that my original thoughts were true ~ it was one big chemical filled breakfast. Bleh....

The English Muffins were made with rancid oils & flours (nearly all breads are) and HFCS ~ no thank you

The Egg Beaters (generic version) were made with "natural flavors" and "other natural ingredients" ~ a euphemism for MSG ~ as well as "color". What the hell is "color" and why is it listed in an ingredient list?!?

The American Cheese is another name for "processed cheese" which uses chemical emulsifiers and artificial colors. Ick.

The Hormel Bacon ~ I've never seen anything like it. My MIL pulled a plastic sleeve out of the freezer with three slices of raw bacon in it. She popped the whole sleeve in the microwave and cooked my bacon right in the plastic sleeve. I almost threw up.

Oh, and my english muffin had some kind of canola oil spread on it as well. We don't do canola oil in this house. At all. It's a rancid vegetable oil and once it's solidified, well, I just dont' want to know what kind of chemicals are used for that....

I would have much prefered home baked bread spread with real butter and topped with a small piece of artisan cheese and a scrambled real egg. On the side a few pieces of bacon from organic pastured pigs. Mmmm....

I wasn't at home so I don't stress about what other's feed me. I can't. I'd drive myself nuts along with my hosts. I graciously accepted my breakfast and finished every bite. But I know that I feel better and I function better when I eat real food. From the earth. Yes, it has a few more calories, but because the food is real and from a farm rather than from a laboratory, it takes less of it to fill me up and keeps me fuller much longer.


  1. Mental note- dont invite Jessica over for dinner. She will blog about you.

  2. Stumbled upon your blog and I love the posts I've read so far! I totally agree with you on this one. After a long time of eating "real" food, it's a shock to your system to eat an entire meal out of a chemistry lab. I can't tell you the number of times I've said, in a restaurant, "I'll be having the salad" only to have my companion tell me, "Actually there's less calories in a burgar than in your salad". Um...cholesteral loaded meat coated in neon orange cheese, covered with neon yellow mustard flavored goo and sugar loaded catsup on a processed flour bun....vs. real veggies and nuts and a bit of olive oil? Yea, I'll take those extra calories, thank you very much! Can't wait to read more of you!

  3. processed cheese ewwww ewww ewwwww
    What half are you signed up for??? See Jane?

  4. A year and a half ago that would have sounded like a perfectly good breakfast to me. BLECK!
    But like you when I travel or I'm at someones home I will graciously eat what they serve me. A few days wont' kill me and it will remind me why I don't eat like that anymore. I spent years in a food comma and now that I'm awake it's amazing how different I feel. And yes, sometimes it does mean more calories but oddly enough I find those extra calories of right food don't cause weight gain.