Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A weigh a day

A weigh a day. A day a weigh. Either way. Who else wants to play?

I'll stop now.

Who here knows Ben Davis? See, if I had a computer I'd link to his blog. Then you'd all know him. You'll have to google him. Sorry.

Anyway, he's doing a weigh in a day. I think it's until his next marathon - oh by the way, he's running 52 marathons next year. Crazy, right?

So, I decided to copy him, because since discovering pinterest (pretend I linked to it) I don't think I've had a single creative thought of my own. Hello, overload

I'm going to weigh myself every day in the month of December - and post it here Who's with me?

Yeah, yeah, I know all of the experts say...blah, blah, blah. I know me. 1. I weigh myself everyday anyway. May as well blog it. 2. I need more accountability. I'm a hopeless procrastinator. If I don't have to post my weigh in until Monday, I don't actually start thinking about it until oh, Saturday?? But if I'm posting my weight everyday then I have to think about my choices everyday. And what better time of year to be fully conscious of your choices?

I weighed today and I am at 221.0. I missed my birthday goal, but I think (again, can't link or even look it up right now on my damn iPad) my next goal was 25 by my anniversary. That's Dec 10. That's 12 days to lose 6 lbs. it'll be tough, but I think it can be done.

Who's with me? Anyone want to make a button? I so don't know how to do that.

**I really do love my iPad. It just sucks as a blogging tool.


  1. OK Jessica, I'll join in. I got back from overseas holiday mid Oct at 70K - I'm only 5' 1" (155cm). Have lost +3K, but got about 10K to go. Had a small 'procedure' done 3 weeks ago and have improved eating habits radically. Will also post my ph levels as they were scarily (is that a word?) acid for a few weeks but getting better.
    Today's weight 66.4K (146lbs) goal 56K
    today's ph : 6.4 (much better) should be 7.4

  2. Thur. 1.12.11
    Height 155cm. (5’ 1”)(no change – lol)
    Weight: 66.8K worse (147.26) - goal 56K
    Ph.: 6.8 better - s/b around 7.0
    morning walk with Obi Wan 2.87Km