Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My new Go-To breakfast

I have a confession to make. Our mornings are crazy. There, I said it. What? I'm not the only one? Oh thank goodness!! When the school year first started, I had grand plans of waking at 6 am every morning to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee while I perused Facebook (have you liked my page, yet?) and let the dogs out to stretch their legs. At 7 am, I would gently rouse my children and let them slowly wake from their slumber as they watched some quality, educational TV such as The Suite Life, The Wizards of Waverly Place or Hannah Montana. Then, at 8am we would all meet for a home cooked, family breakfast followed by chores, getting dressed & brushing our teeth. At 9 am we would all be sufficiently nourished and ready to start our lessons with smiles on our faces.

That lasted a week. To be honest, I'm surprised it lasted that long. But alas, I still dream of it happening every day. Some day, internets, some day.

In the meantime, on the mornings that don't run so smoothly I've come to count on smoothies to get me through that twitching hour ~ you know, the time between I realize it's 8 am and everyone is still in bed and deciding we really do need to squeeze in a full day of school before art class that starts at 9:30 am.

  • One scoop of Jay Robb Tropical Dreamsicle Protein Powder

  • One cup of milk (whole, raw)

  • Handful of fresh fruit (mango, melon, strawberry, grape & pineapple mix from Costco)

  • ice

  • One raw egg (only pastured, organic for this girl)

And that's it. Give it a whirl and let your tummy smile.

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