Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I talk a lot about eating whole foods. I drink organic, raw milk. I buy only organic apples; I make green smoothies & make most of our bread from scratch with organic ingredients. I've cut out nearly all processed foods from our house and I truly believe that rather than cutting out an entire macronutrient (carbs, fats or proteins) or an entire food group (meat, dairy, wheat, etc...), cutting out processed foods is the best way to find optimal health.

Having said that, I have to admit that there are a few processed foods that I simply can't give up. These are my vices.
Whey protein powder. Since I've started lifting heavy weights, I simply need more protein to recover. Whey has been used and cherished as a wonder food for thousands of years. If I were into making my own cheese, I would have my own whey. But it wouldn't be vanilla flavored. And I don't make cheese. So, powdered whey is where I turn. I did a lot of reading and a lot of research before I took the leap. Jay Robb has been getting his whey from grass fed cows since way before grass fed became the mating call for all primal & paleo devotees. He also uses stevia to sweeten his protein powders instead of sugar or splenda. Major kudos from me on that one. I'm comfortable with Jay Robb's products and I feel good using them and sharing them with my kids.

A friend asked me on facebook the other day if I make my own ice cream. You know, since I'm a "raw milk nazi" (her words). I'd love to make my own ice cream, however at this point in time I do not own an ice cream maker (been asking for one for years, ahem). I haven't found an ice cream that uses cream/milk from grass fed cows, so I go as natural as I can find/afford. I insist on the milk & cream being rBST free & I don't buy ice cream with artifical ingredients or colors. I never buy ice cream that uses HFCS. It's an occasional treat & Haagen Dazs just can't be beat, in my book!

My cereal consumption goes in cycles. I grew up on cereal, but as I became an adult I started having issues with milk & lactose intolerance. When I was pregnant with my second son, I had some pretty serious cravings for Frosted Mini Wheats and I think I probably went through two boxes a week for a few months. After the baby was born, my lactose intolerance came back and I stopped eating it again. After we switched to raw milk, I realized that drinking milk wasn't a problem for me any longer. My son picked out the chocolate frosted mini wheats one week and then decided he didn't like them. We had a whole box in the pantry that no one was going to eat so I decided to give them a try. Oh Holy Baby Jayzus! These things are amazing!!! It's been a few months and I've powered my way through quite a few boxes. They're a nice sweet treat that I can have and not feel to guilty about.

I know, I know. I could make my own red sauce, but I don't have a food mill and this is the only red sauce I've been able to find that my entire family will eat. So, Ragu it is....

Who isn't addicted to these little things? They sound healthy, but in truth they have very little nutritional value. I love to grab a handful of these with a little wedge of cheese. A great snack. Yum!

I'd read about these little gems all over the internet but hadn't ever tried them. Then I went to lunch at a friend's house a while back (Hi Nom!) and she had some and offered them to me. Oh boy. Thankfully, they are rich and I can't eat very many at one sitting. Just a small handful and I'm satisfied. But good gravy, they are good!

I know. I know. Ewwww, gross. It seems you are either Team Mayo or Team Miracle Whip. If you love one, you hate the other. There is no middle ground. I happen to be Team Miracle Whip. I've tried to switch to mayo, but I just can't do it. I don't eat sandwiches much, but I do use this stuff in my deviled eggs & egg salad/tuna salad. Can't help it. I just love it.

Cheezits. I love Cheezits. Pretty much end of story.

So, these are my processed vices. What are yours?

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