Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mrs. Crabby Pants

I noticed that I have several new followers. Welcome & let me apologize in advance for the following post. I'm not normall this crabby.

I'm in a bitchy mood this morning. I will not win any Mother of the Year awards today. I've already yelled at my kids twice because the sun is out, they are happy and happy boys = hyper wound up loud boys.

My husband had a dentist appt at 11:00 and instead of just taking the boys to the gym with me, I left them home with the promise that I would leave my class as soon as it was over and meet my husband at the dentist to pick up the kids. I set my weights and bench up at the back of the class in case class ran late and I had to cut out early.

I like working out in the front of the class. I like being right up there with the instructor. I push myself harder that way. So, I don't feel like I got much out of my workout and I felt rushed. I usually go to the cardio room for about 20 - 30 minutes after my weights class. Today I skipped that.

I came home starving and I discovered my cottage cheese had been pushed to the very back of the top shelf in the fridge which means it was frozen solid.

I have three days left in this budget cycle, we're low on nearly every food group and I have $14 left. I have only a 1/4 tank of gas in my van. Sure, I could dip into the general budget, there is plenty there....but this is my budget and I hate going over.

There is a ton of candy in the house from Boy 1's birthday party last weekend and I've been dipping into it way more than I'd care to admit and I'm sure that's a factor in why I feel more like a beached whale this week than someone who is working her ass off to become a healthy role model for her children.

I'm going to go drink a green smoothie & take a shower. Then I'm going to soak up some of this sun. Maybe I just need a good dose of Vitamin D?


  1. We are all entitled to our days! And lately where I live we havent seen the sun in I dont know how long...on top of the days and days and days of rain. So...I totally hear ya about having a day!!!


  2. Listen up crabby pants, GET OUT OF THE CANDY.

    I get it, today sucks. We all have em.
    I also understand the budget issue. I'm guessing based on a normal persons pay period that Friday will be your new budget cycle , so really you now have two days to get through. 14 bucks for two days ain't bad, you can do it. Eat what you have and screw it if you have to skip a food group or two, just don't fill the void with candy. You'll feel great about yourself when you don't go over your budget.