Tuesday, March 27, 2012


First off, I want to apologize for not blogging much lately. My husband has had a lot of time off work (intentionally) and we're just all enjoying some family time. If you are on Facebook, however, be sure to "like" my page and I'm still posting there regularly.

Ok, no on to the important stuff:

I am a huge Bengals Fan. They break my heart every single year and yet, I can't help but love them. I am NOT, however, a Terrell Owens fan, but I have to admit I was so very excited during his very brief stint wearing the orange and black. For one reason and one reason only: My maiden name is Owens. I have always always always wanted a Bengals jersey with OWENS on the back.

It just so happened that about a month after he signed with the Bengals I was in KY visiting family. My mom agreed to take me shopping to get the coveted jersey. We lucked out and found not a jersey, but a t-shirt with his name & number on it. I knew I'd get much more use out of a t-shirt than a jersey so she bought me one and my nephew one as well.

I had just started working out again although the t shirt wasn't exactly a women's cut, it hugged in all the "right" places. I love the tshirt, but over the last year or so I began to realize that it wasn't hugging in the "right" places any longer and it was totally hugging the "wrong" places. Grrr.....

Two months ago when we went to the Great Wolf Lodge for a family get away I packed that t-shirt, but refused to wear it once I saw myself in the mirror. I was devastated.

Since starting CrossFit I haven't really noticed much movement on the scale, but my husband has noticed my body has changed a bit. Little by little, I'm noticing changes, too. Today, I put on the t-shirt to work out in and low and behold.....it not only hugged the right places, it was LOOSE in those places. Score one for me!!!!

On another note, I was also wearing tight upper thigh shorts for my workout, one of my favorites and I had to keep hiking them up the entire time because they were sliding down.

I guess it's time to go shopping.......

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