Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Whole Foods

This article explains beautifully why I don't eat foods with artificial sweeteners, artificial fat, artificial anything, for that matter. I have been seeing so much fat free/sugar free pudding, fat free/sugar free yogurt, fat free/sugar free coffee creamer, low fat cookies, low fat/low sugar ice cream, etc, etc, etc....around blogland lately.
I sometimes want to scream and rant to them that while their intentions are good and they think they are being "healthy" they are, in actuality, slowly killing themselves and their metabolism. Our bodies are designed to digest real foods that came from the earth. Not synthetic foods that came from a science lab.

"Why would a fat substitute confuse the body? Food with a sweet or fatty taste usually indicates a large number of calories, and the taste triggers various responses by the body, including salivation, hormonal secretions and metabolic reactions. Fat substitutes can interfere with that relationship when the body expects to receive a large burst of calories but is fooled by a fat substitute."

Is it always easy? No way. There are so many things I'd rather do than spend double the time I used to in a grocery store reading every label of everything that goes into my cart. Are there times when I give in and just say screw it ~ yes, absolutely. In fact, I'm going through one of those times right now and it's why I've been so silent around here lately. With the end of the school year, new routines to try to figure out, all the crap going on with my TBI, and deciding whether or not to jump ship at the gym and give up my membership and join the new YMCA, I don't have any brain power left each day to devote to nutrition and whole foods eating. But that's the catch ~ the longer I go eating like crap, the more it effects my brain power and more fuzzy, yucky & gross I feel.

This article is exactly what I needed to pull myself out of my funk. I hope it helps someone out there in blogland, too.

Full Article here: Fat Substitutes Linked to Weight Gain: Rats On High-Fat Diet Gained More Weight After Eating Low-Calorie Potato Chips Made With Fat Substitutes

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  1. Great post...I totally agree and have recently seen the light about eating whole natural foods. Do I still love junk? yup, but I am trying!