Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Starting Over

When a weightloss blogger suddenly disappears without warning, you can usually bet that she's not out burning calories, melting fat and seeing otherwise great success! As you've probably guessed, I'm no exception to this rule.

I've been overly consumed with the tests and doctor appointments concerning my TBI (more on that later), my dad has had major surgery, there has been a surplus of family drama and for a while, I was just completely and majorly overwhelmed. My workouts were put on the back burner. And like in the past, when my workouts suffer, so do my eating habits. *sigh*

I let my membership at the gym expire and we joined (as a family) the brand spankin' new YMCA in the next town over. It was *exactly* what I needed to find my inspiration! All of those shiny new machines have been calling my name. Indoor track? Yes, please. Lap pool? Why sure! Climbing Wall? Absolutely!!!

I've joined a six month challenge over at the JPFitness Forums (can't link because the site seems to be down right now. ggrrrr....). We post our starting stats, and our "before" pics and on the first of each month we update our info with pics and new stats. I'll be keeping a training log over there, but I'll continue to update here as well. That log will be just to track workouts. My thoughts, musings and everything else will still be posted here.

My plan is to lift weights three times a week and do cardio and/or yoga 2x per week (with some additional light cardio on my lifting days).

The pictures below were taken in June before I started weightlifting, and I'm using those as my before pictures for now. I'll have my husband snap some more this week (if I think about it). And here are my starting stats:

  • Height: 5'5:

  • Weight: 217.8

  • Body Fat %: 50.2

  • Wasit: 43"

  • Hips: 48"

  • Thighs: 23"

  • Biceps: 12"

  • Under Chest: 40.5"

  • Chest: 46.5"

  • Neck: 15"


  1. I feel like I'm always starting over.

    I"m looking forward to seeing your results!

  2. It was just a bump in the road. You will be back to the healthy you in no time! Your goals sound great!