Monday, June 6, 2011

Haven't stopped moving....or eating....

I seriously cannot remember the last meal that I ate sitting at my own table. Thursday evening my husband had a dinner meeting, so the boys and I fended for ourselves for dinner ~ I made pancakes (I'd promised them). We ate a picnic on the living room floor (not at the table).

Friday morning my husband and I decided we'd had enough of our crappy sectional sofa and decided to get rid of it. We bought it from Costco 5 1/2 years ago and it was truly a big, colassal piece of shit. My husband had emailed Costco about it, just stating that it was horrible and that the repair company never did come out to fix a recall from two years ago, and that we'd never buy furniture from them again. We just wanted to voice our frustration. We got an email back from Costco telling us to return it to the store for a full refund. Um, what? We've had it over 5 years.

We decided to head to our local Costco to talk to the manager there. While my hubby did that, the boys and I ate lunch at the food court. Sure enough, the manager told us to bring it in. No problem. We felt a little guilty about it, but everyone at Costco was so pleasant and didn't even blink about it. We made it perfectly clear that it was not our intention to have used a couch for free for the past five years.

We went home and loaded up the couch into the truck and drove back to Costco. I have to stop here and tell you: I helped load that heavy, awkward peice of crap and my muscles didn't even flinch. That new weight lifting program RAWKS! In the past I would have had to stop every few feet to rearrange my grip, set the couch down, stretch my arms, etc....not Friday. I could have kept going for five more couches. I was so excited. I might have babbled on about it for the rest of the weekend. Maybe.

So, anyway, we off loaded the couch back to Costco and were issued a check for our purchase price + tax. We headed to the bank and deposited the check, looked at one another and said "Now what?" We decided to head to the Lazy Boy store just to see what they had. We'd browsed their store room numerous times and liked a lot of their peices but they were often over priced or out of our price range.

There had been a set there several months ago that I'd fallen in love with, but it was super expensive and there was no way we were going to spend that much on a set while we still have two small boys and two dirty dogs... *sigh*

As luck would have it, Lazy Boy has been hit fairly hard by the economy (who hasn't, right?) and they are currently changing management companies. The new management company wants all of the old inventory cleared out so they can bring all new pieces.

That set I fell in love with? It was still there. It was marked down to stupid cheap and we were able to buy a couch, a chair and a half (???) and an ottoman for $50 less than that check Costco just gave us! Hello?!? Destiny???? So, we went home and measured to make sure it would all fit and then headed to dinner (you know, to spend the rest of that $50) and discuss our options to make sure this set is really what we wanted. Oh, and we had promised the kids ice cream earlier in the day, so we hit DQ on the way home.....

We called and bought the set and scheduled to pick it up the next morning. Saturday was already busy without adding in a new couch ~ so we woke up early and after drinking some coffee and fiddling on the computer I headed to the gym (I'd skipped my Friday workout becasue of the couch situation). I only had a small window of time to get my workout done, I was scheduled to change up a few things in the workout and increase my weights). My head wasn't in it. I kept looking at the clock, I kept thinking about everything that we needed to do that day and I wasn't focused. I quit my workout halfway through and headed home.

My huband left to get the couch and I hopped in the shower and drank a protein shake and ate a banana. When he got home, we unloaded the couch grabbed the kids and some snacks and headed out to country. The farm from which we get our raw milk was having a big celebration that day and we headed out to join the fun and meet the cows! The boys had sandwiches in the truck. I ate an apple and some Cheezits.

After the dairy farm, we headed home and were able to sit quietly for about half an hour and then we were off again! It was Date Night! Several families trade child care each month, where one family keeps all of the kids (11 total) and the other couples get a night out. We dropped the kids off and my husband and I set out to run a few more errands and grab dinner (we really know how to live it up on date night, don't we? HA!) We hit a mongolian bbq for dinner. You know, where you load your plate up with meats and veggies and sauces and they cook it up for you? My tummy was plenty full after my first plate, but I'd somehow messed up my sauce and my food was tasteless. My tummy was satisfied, but my palate wasn't. So I went up for plate number two. I only made a small amount and the sauce was much better. I felt sick as we left....ugh.

I was scheduled for a class here on Sunday, and it's about two hours from our house. I got up bright and early, drank some coffee and ate a banana and a smoothie. I packed my lunch and packed up my gear and headed out to the gun range for eight blissful hours. By the time I was heading home, I was starving and had to stop to get something to eat. Fast food drive thru....

Needless to say, I woke up this morning feeling like a fat, puffy, salt lick. In case you lost count ~ that was Friday: lunch at Costco, dinner at Red Robin & Dairy Queen for dessert. Saturday it was lunch in the truck and dinner at Mongolian BBQ, Sunday it was breakfast on the go, lunch at a gun range & dinner at McD's.

Yea, the weigh in this morning wasn't pretty. More on that later....right now, I'm heading to the gym!

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